NAPLEX: 10 things you should know about the exam

In this blog article we outline important information you should know about the NAPLEX before you sit for the exam.

  1. The NAPLEX is made up of 250 questions. 200 NAPLEX questions are used to calculate your final score. The remaining 50 NAPLEX questions are pretest questions that do not impact your final score.

  2. The NAPLEX is a computerized fixed form non adaptive exam.

  3. You have 6 hours to complete the NAPLEX. If time runs out and you did not complete the entire exam then all unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect.

  4. The majority of the questions are scenario based. You are required to refer to the medical records data and/or patient profile data to get details required to answer the questions correctly. You will get standalone questions as well.

  5. Before you start the NAPLEX you will be offered to take the NAPLEX tutorial. This will make you familiar with exam interface. We recommend you take the tutorial.

  6. You must answer all questions in the NAPLEX. Skipping questions is NOT allowed. Once you confirm your answer and move on to the next question you will NOT be allowed to go back to the previous question.

  7. NAPLEX passing score is 75. The NAPLEX score range is between 0-150

  8. 67% of the NAPLEX questions cover “Safe and Effective Pharmacotherapy and Health Outcomes” and 33% of the NAPLEX questions cover “Safe and Accurate Preparation, Compounding, Dispensing, and Administration of Medications and Provision of Health Care Products”.

  9. Failed NAPLEX: There is a 45 days waiting period before you can retake the exam. Please consult with your board of pharmacy regarding waiting periods since time varies between state

  10. NAPLEX retake limit: You can take the NAPLEX up to 5 times after failed attempts (if permitted by the board of pharmacy).

The information in this article is a summary of the NAPB:NAPLEX/MPJE registration Bulletin that was accessed on 2/4/2018