Washington State Pharmacy Law Update: Pharmacy inspection - MPJE

A pharmacy Law update in Washington state impacts the self-inspection process. Questions related to this new process can appear on the Washington MPJE.

Effective March 1st 2018, the Washington State Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission established new rules regarding pharmacy inspections (WAC 246-869-190). Here are the details:

  1.  Every year in March, the pharmacy manager (PIC) must complete a self-inspection using forms provided by the Commission.

  2. PIC must sign the self-inspection report and keep it in the pharmacy records for 2 years.

  3. In the event of PIC change, the new PIC must complete a self-inspection within 30 days, sign, and retain the work sheets for 2 years.

 Some details found in the self-inspection forms:

  1. Inspection components covering 40+ areas

  2. Audits for 10 patient profiles looking for and verifying compliance with required criteria

  3. Audits for 5 profiles for compliance with DUR requirements.

  4. Audit related to patients requiring child-resistant containers (5 patients)

 Additional requirements: The following pharmacy settings require additional inspection requirements:

  1. Hospital pharmacies

  2. Nuclear pharmacies

  3. Sterile-compounding pharmacies

  4. Long-term care pharmacies

 Notice to PIC: You should record any non-compliance instance identified (with date of discovery) along with actions taken to correct it.

 Please note that this is high level summary of the new self-inspection process and requirements. Complete details can be found here at the Washington DOH website.